Kopell Grounding Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Kopell Grounding Systems is an CSA Listed ground rod and earth rod manufacturer and exporter Kopell Grounding Systems is an UL Listed ground rod and earth rod manufacturer and exporter Kopell is an ISO 9001:2000 certified ground rod and earth rod manufacturing company from DNV
Grounding Solution of the World
B Bond
Brass Earth Clip
Copper Bonded Ground Rods
Driving Studs
Earth Rod To Tape Clamp
Galvanized Rods
Ground Rod
High Strength Ground Rod Couplings
Sectional Copper Bonded Ground Rods
Standard Ground Rod Clamps
U Bolt Rod Clamp
Zinc Plated Rod Couplings
Zinc Plated Steel Threaded Rods
Zinc Plated U-Bolts
Zinc-Plated Eye Bolts
Zinc-Plated S Hooks

Since our inception in 1986, Kopell Grounding Systems has emphasized exellence in product innovation, quality and customer service. This has been the key to our continued growth in the development and production of specialized grounding and bonding hardware for the electrical industry.

We are the largest Manufacturers and Exporters of Copper Bonded Ground Rods (Earth Rods) and accessories in India. Being a dynamic group, we are constantly adding new products to our existing range.

Kopell Grounding products are designed in accordance with latest industry NEMA and ANSI standards, as applicable. We are committed to remaining flexible and ready to meet the everchanging requirements of the electrical industry.

ISO 9001:2008
Ground Enhancing Material

Kopell's ground enhancing material RESILO permanently reduces earth's resistivity and is chemically inert to the subsoil. RESILO provides a stable environment in terms of physical and chemical properties. RESILO is noncorrosive to earth electrode being used.

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